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Our Restoration Proces

We at the rocking horse works are proud to be the worlds most popular restorers of old rocking horses, with over 30 years experience and a team of expert craftsmen and women, we guarantee you only the best service from start to finish. It all starts with a careful discussion; preferably either by telephone, or if you are able, bring your horse along to the workshop. Occasionally , due to our nationwide personal delivery service we may just be in your area and would be only too happy to visit to discuss your rocking horse. In either case we are always available to discuss in detail each aspect of your rocking horses restoration. We can establish a surprising amount about your rocking horse from just a short chat.

Our Restoration Proces

Famously, rocking horses, even those from well known makers, are poorly marked, though more commonly the ravishes of time have obliterated any markings, even then, there are still key identification points, years of acquired knowledge have taught us exactly what to look for.

Once we have established the maker and provided you with our expert advise on your particular horse, its over to you. You can now, with our guidance tell us exactly how you envisage your horse to look upon completion of restoration.

Not every body wants a 100% restoration, Whilst most of our customers want to preserve the original features and character of their horse occasionally we are asked to for a complete new look, a very recent example of this being a horse featured below.

Despite it being a collectable Lines Sportiboy, the customer really fell in love with our zebra photograph shown in the brochure and requested we go ahead with the transformation.

Our Restoration Proces

Once your rocking horses restoration is complete and only when you are entirely happy with the horse we will arrange delivery with you. We also offer an added extra ,this includes a small booklet on the history of the maker of your horse, a small booklet containing a description of the restoration process undergone and beautiful before and after images and finally a valuation certificate signed and dated by ourselves.

Collinson Brothers Rocking Horse Restoration

This customer requested that her rocking horse had a contemporary restoration

Our Restoration Proces Our Restoration Proces Our Restoration Proces

Beautiful Ayres Rocking Horse

Original paintwork, carefully preserved, has new hair, and lovely set of removable brown leather tack

Our Restoration Proces Our Restoration Proces

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