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" My scruffy, well-used horse with her scrappy mane and tail showed her years of wear only too well. Today Alison brought her home again looking like a show pony, but still with subtle signs of her age. I'm delighted with the work done and look forward to my first grandchild riding her. "


" I ordered an extra large deluxe dapple grey and took delivery a few weeks later . Absolutely beautiful, couldn't believe the excellent level of workmanship. Delighted with the horse. "


" I have just got my Collinson rocking horse back from restoration. All I can say is WOW. Alison and her workforce have done such a marvelous job, he was in such a state after three generations of use, he's an absolute masterpiece and restored authentically. I am so pleased and would highly recommend. "


" I bumped into the Rocking Horse Works at BBC Countryfile Live at Blenheim Palace and knew at once that Alison was the one to restore my Father's century old push along horse that I adored as a child but had been covered in cream paint whilst on loan to a cousin."

He's now with the Rocking Horse Works and Alison and I are having such fun working to restore him to a state of distressed gentility because I want him to look as though he had aged gently over the last 100 years had he not left my stable."

After CJ is finished, Rocking Horse Works are going to do the same for my husband's Georgian Rocking Horse - this horse was previous restored in the 1960's but not to the standard of RHW so he will have to be brought up to scratch."

If you are looking for a first class restoration job on your family's favourite horse or are ready to spoil your children or grandchildren with a new horse which they can pass on to future generations then look no further than The Rocking Horse Works - you won't be disappointed. "

R. & G.M. OVEY
Hernes, Rotherfield Greys
Henley on Thames RG9 4NT

McTavish Restored To his Former Glory

" For some time I had wondered how to repair one beloved rocking leathers and bit etc for a start. So I went on line tentatively, looked at one site....not for me......saw another nearer to my home. I was hopeful but not sure I could just let someone work on him who I did not know."

I decided to call Rocking Horse Works and almost instantly felt reassured and happy following a long conversation explaining my worries."

Rocking Horse Works visited my home and together we assessed the situation. The best part was "no pressure at all to do anything more than I wanted" in fact a most important detail easily overlooked by many."

I discovered he is a Collinson so he deserved a restoration by someone who cared and had knowledge of the make."

So dear old McTavish came home, I am thrilled......some paint left worn as it was at my request.....leathers all beautiful....he smiles at me now! All 43 years of him. Thank you Rocking HorseWorks.....job done....perfect. "

From a very relieved and happy customer in Warwickshire.

" Hello Alison! I am afraid I have not met but I see it was only at the end of October that I e-mailed you about our rocking horse. We now have it back as you promised- beautifully refurbished and all ready for our grand-daughters this Christmas! Many thanks for everything.You have really cheered us all up hugely. Happy Christmas! "

Customer in Oxfordshire

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